Summerlin Eyelash Treatments

 Las Vegas Eyelash TreatmentsIf the eyes are the window to the soul, then eyelashes are simply the curtains that dress them; no matter how striking your natural eyes, dark, long and thick lashes can add drama, mystery and beauty. But if Mother Nature didn’t bless you with naturally long, thick, dark lashes, don’t despair. We can help you achieve the eyelashes you’ve always wanted using one or more of the following procedures.

Summerlin Eyelash Extensions

You’re familiar with hair extensions that transform, thin, short locks into long, thick tresses. What if you could do the same with eyelashes? Well, you can! Our eyelash extension treatments will help you achieve the thick, dark lashes you’ve always wanted – easily and painlessly. During the Summerlin eyelash extension treatment, we’ll actually apply an extension to each individual eyelash one at a time, leaving you with lashes that won’t quit. Your extensions will last for several weeks, and in the meantime, you won’t even have to wear mascara (although you can if you’d like!).

las vegas eyelash curlingEyelash Curling

Eyelash curling, also known as eyelash curling, is a great way to help you achieve beautiful, perfectly curled lashes that complement your stunning eyes. If you’re accustomed to fumbling with a lash curler every morning, only to end up frustrated with the results or time commitment, it may be time to look into a professional Summerlin eyelash curling treatment. Our procedure is quick, easy and safe, and you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Eyelash Dye

If mascara has become a necessary evil in your life, it might be time to nip the wand in the bud. Our eyelash dye treatments can give you long-lasting darkened eyelashes that appear healthier, longer and thicker than ever before. Our Summerlin eyelash dye treatment is a simple, effective and non-toxic way to enhance your eyes’ natural beauty.


The latest rage in the world of beauty, Lattisse is a special treatment that naturally stimulates Summerlin eyelash growth. With regular application, you will see beautiful longer, thicker and darker lashes in just a few weeks. At-home treatment is simple and quick; you’ve got nothing to lose and only beautiful lashes to gain.

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