Affordability Improving for Eyewear and LASIK

Years ago, it cost a lot of money to wear eyeglasses year after year and keep up with changing prescriptions over the lifetime of the user. Then LASIK surgery came about, first costing well over $5,000 per eye to correct if the patient were a candidate for LASIK surgery. The prohibitive cost kept many everyday Americans away from the LASIK machines, but then some top professional athletes, like Hall of Fame pitchers Greg Maddux and others, had it done. If a professional pitcher at the top of his game can benefit from LASIK, so can the common man.

LASIK Rates Are Much Lower Now

Depending on where the surgery is done, many people are paying less than $1,000 per eye to have the procedure done. Many health care plans that include vision coverage Budget for lasiknow provide coverage for LASIK, which makes it very affordable for many. Those who are used to waking up with blurry vision and keeping the alarm clock within arm’s reach to be able to read it at night are amazed at the difference LASIK has after just a couple minutes of time spent doing the procedure. A painless and generally harmless procedure that has been done millions of times with clear success, LASIK is a true medical miracle for those who thought they’d never be able to live without glasses or contacts.

Eyewear Much More Affordable, Too

The cost of eyeglasses has gotten more affordable over the recent years as well. A good pair of eyeglasses paid out of pocket used to run several hundred dollars and likely more for those who did not have eye care plans. But many places now offer very affordable prescription eyeglasses with scratch-resistant lenses and made of lightweight compounds that make them weigh less, more comfortable and help people to see better. Most people pay between $200 and $500 for their eyeglasses, but vision plans make them even more affordable.

How much do you spend on eye care and eyewear each year?

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